Best Practice: Compulsory training with a difference

Is there still a gap between compulsory training and an engaging video game? How do you reconcile compulsory training with the joy of learning? We give you an example from our practice.

Get out of the loop

The challenge with all compulsory training is to develop a concept that keeps the training interesting despite recurring content and reveals new insights and aspects to the learner.

Getting out of the continuous loop” does not have to mean always developing a new concept, also from an economic point of view. It is much more effective to develop a series format for e-learning that inspires newcomers and compulsory repeaters alike.

The music makes it

This is what happened in an international e-learning project. The idea: employees have hobbies. Many play a musical instrument – so why not form a band and accompany the employees in their professional and private lives. The learners were given the task of having the members of a music band perform together. But this only works if he has successfully completed the story, i.e. learning unit, for each band member.

The e-learning works in such a way that the learner, after a general introduction, can go through the learning units of each individual band member in a self-determined order. Furthermore, one can decide at the beginning between two instruments per band member, which the band member will then play at the big performance at the end of the training. At this point, curiosity is deliberately aroused.

A song for learning success

At the end of the e-learning, only the band members whose story (learning unit) the learner has completed with a good result will play. The song that is heard at the end can therefore be significantly different, depending on the learning success: It can sound empty and lonely or full and exciting, depending on how many band members have come together and with which instrument they play along. Even with perfect completion, the tool motivates to play the whole thing again from the beginning with different instrumentation.

The e-learning is also never lost in the classical sense. There are no “try again” or “go back to the beginning” overlays. With each decision, it reacts situationally and adjusts the rest of the story accordingly. In this way, employees experience the training individually, share how their band looked at the end and are motivated to discover content that may have remained hidden on the first run-through.

The seemingly simple simply needs more concept

A good training is individually designed, excitingly prepared and takes your learners seriously. Especially in today’s mediatised world, where most people have a lot of experience with content of any kind, it is not enough to craft a simple quiz or drag+drop game. Pick up your learners where they are and create a memorable learning experience that intrinsically motivates with good storytelling and multiple paths.

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