Mental Health – Job satisfaction pays off for both sides

A topic that is rightly receiving more and more attention. But if you are honest, "mental health" somehow sounds like therapy. The Anglicism mental health, on the other hand, has a positive ring and is a topic that many companies place high on the agenda of internal communication - or at least it should be.

Even before the Corona pandemic, the added value of satisfied and balanced employees not only for the mood but also for the productivity of a company had been noticed. At the same time, it has been proven that sick leave due to mental illness has been increasing in Germany for more than two decades. The problem is therefore not a new finding, but has been known for some time. But as with other issues, the Corona pandemic has significantly exacerbated the situation.

However, dealing openly with the topic of mental illness is easier said than done. This is because it is still a taboo subject not only in companies but in society as a whole. The Federal Ministry of Health explicitly recommends dealing openly with mental illness and provides a list of preventive measures for companies.

For internal communication, “mental health” should therefore be increasingly prioritised by HR. Sensitive and continuous communication is needed here. For example, an anonymous survey of employees could find out where potential sources of stress and opportunities for improvement lie in the company. In the same way, one could further expand the possibilities of occupational health management to see how it is accepted by the employees. Either way, a comprehensive analysis is the first step in the right direction.

After all, a sound analysis is the basis for successful communication. Especially when it comes to sensitive topics. You are welcome to ask our experts for advice on this without obligation.

Another little tip from us: Turn up the music again! (Preferably with headphones, so as not to unnecessarily strain the relationship with the neighbours). In a study published in December 2021, it was proven how music can alleviate stress symptoms and even indirectly physical complaints. You can read about the music here or simply create your own playlist full of favourite songs. Have fun and relax while listening!

What’s the next step?

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Mirja Ng-Metzker

Client Relations Manager