PowerPoint – exciting as a thriller

On a gray and dreary January day in 2022, Ute Sidenstein sat in a press conference and looked at the organizer’s large monitor. The presentation she had just been allowed to watch was, well, not exactly inspiring. On the monotonously designed charts overloaded with content, she read 1:1 the text that the presenter also reproduced word for word.

“PowerPoint as supervised reading,” Ute thought, and at the same moment had an idea: How would it be if a presentation were structured in a similar way to an exciting film? With a convincing story, a red thread, a clever dramaturgy, different scenes, a modern look and an appealing, well thought-out presentation text. Thought, action: The result was a PowerPoint with suggestions and tips, embedded in a detective story.

The concept is based on two pillars: The expertise from our film production, which includes the craft of dramaturgy and storytelling. And the expertise for targeted messaging from our Internal Communications division.

Now let’s get started. Here’s the search for clues in the form of a screen capture. Have fun with it. And one thing is clear: We will also find a solution for your, certainly much more complex, topic.

Have fun discovering!

What’s the next step?

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Mirja Ng-Metzker

Client Relations Manager