Successful trade fair communication: Don’t duck away!

The Corona pandemic has fundamentally changed the trade fair industry in Germany and worldwide. While digital events have established themselves as a viable substitute in some sectors, past restrictions have clearly demonstrated that face-to-face interaction is invaluable. And in order to make full use of this crucial contact, the staff at the exhibition stand need the right attitude and appropriate training - in order to inspire the visitors and to represent their own company appropriately.

Who hasn’t experienced this: imposing trade fair stands arouse curiosity and attract visitors in droves. But as soon as you enter the area, you find yourself standing there. Suddenly, the huge counter no longer looks cool, but cold, and the stand staff is very concentrated on discussing the duty roster. You ask yourself: What am I doing here? Because there is a different way to make a professional trade fair appearance. And it is neither expensive nor particularly complicated. Provided you know what’s important.

Admittedly, making your mark at large trade fairs or regional consumer exhibitions is a challenge. The competition is big and close. But to present yourself effectively and sell products, you need more than just the pretty appearance of an eye-catching stand. Experience shows: If you approach visitors in an open, active and empathetic way and arouse interest and enthusiasm, you have taken a big step towards a successful trade fair appearance. If you want to be successful at trade fairs today, you need empathy, you have to address customers, literally inspire them! People want to be perceived as individuals – and not as “potential buyers”.

And so trade fair stands are much more than sales stands. They are places of communication. Those who have prepared their stand staff less with sales training and more with professional communication training therefore have an advantage. After all, what use are the most detailed facts and the best arguments if the staff cannot convey them authentically, i.e. credibly? Or: if the visitor is interested in something completely different? Or, in the worst case, you don’t feel welcome? The result: wasted budgets, wasted opportunities and frustration on both sides. It can be done better! How exactly – our experts will be happy to help and provide comprehensive advice on the topic of communication training.

What’s the next step?

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Mirja Ng-Metzker

Client Relations Manager