Value film instead of image film?

The classic image film is – or was – the glossy matrix of a company. Great works tell of history, performance strength and capacity and broadcast what the target group wants to hear and see – or wanted to see.

But today it is no longer just about image, it is about values. Accountability, authenticity, user-centricity, sustainability, diversity – to name but a few.

Films that convey these values, we call them “value films”, require a different kind of concept and implementation. Instead of showing “products”, it is about making corporate culture and values tangible. Abstract concepts like “humility”, “authenticity”, “positive spirit” must be seen, heard and understood. Then the medium of film can develop its full power, build and strengthen relationships with customers and stakeholders, and find and retain employees.

Example of value films 01 and 02

The values of a company are principles according to which it approaches certain issues, such as working methods and cooperation, responsibility within the company and outside, for example climate and environmental protection. Values are qualities that are important to the people in the company and – not to forget – to its customers. They are common values that are pursued and these values are only credible if they are lived from within.

Thus, today’s corporate film (value film) will not look at the company from the outside and depict its achievements, but it will work from the inside out.

And how do you put this into practice? On the basis of a concept that presents the valuable aspects of the company with the support of ambassadors, i.e. employees. Not by “staging” them on film, but by giving them an appearance where they work for the company values every day. With a documentary camera and personal statements, you can let corporate values “speak for themselves” and thus exploit the communicative power of film. The rule here is: less is more.

This requires a good concept and the openness of the client to help shape the special format of a values film. How exactly does this work? Feel free to contact us.

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