We also shoot safely during the lockdown

Early February – we’re in the middle of lockdown and it’s still all about closed shops, mandatory masks and safety distance. But schedules can’t always accommodate COVID-19 and so we had to do a shoot under heightened precautions. But with the proper preparations, it was no problem at all.

Of course, we had already paid attention during script development to which motifs were not possible due to closures and at which locations masks were compulsory. We also dealt with the aspect that the protagonists can only be seen with masks on most of the time and how that affects the effect on the audience.

In addition to the preparations for the content, we also had to create a strict safety and hygiene concept for the filming. It was based on four essential rules on the set: mandatory masks, hand hygiene, minimum distance and regular ventilation. In addition, a hygiene officer was appointed who was responsible on set for ensuring that all measures were adhered to. Our practical production case, in which there is always a tool for every unforeseen eventuality, was filled with FFP-2 masks as well as disinfectant and wipes.

Then it was time for the shoot to begin. Before filming began, the protagonists had taken a quick test; in addition, all participants had to submit a self-disclosure form about possible symptoms and contacts in the last 14 days. On the first day of filming, all safety measures were discussed again in a detailed hygiene briefing and illustrated hygiene instructions and access restrictions were posted at the filming locations.

The shooting itself went as planned. Of course, it was unusual not to be able to communicate closely with the team at all times or to look over the cameraman’s shoulder. But safety comes first, of course, and we could clearly sense that everyone involved really took the hygiene concept seriously. There was, however, one drop of bitterness: after the successful first day of filming, our team had to end the evening separately in the hotel rooms.

If you have any questions about film production in Corona times, please do not hesitate to contact us. We look forward to being able to advise you.

What’s the next step?

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Mirja Ng-Metzker

Client Relations Manager