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Kalle Sponge Cloth – A sustainable lifecycle

Kalle Group


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Through the clever combination of carefully selected cellulose and cotton fibres, Kalle GmbH has created a sponge cloth that is versatile, high-quality and sustainable. Made from renewable raw materials, the sponge cloth can be used and reused for any kind of cleaning. The great advantage – due to its materials, the sponge cloth is 100% ecologically degradable – from nature back into nature.

We took the theme of the cycle as the basis for a short and concise presentation of the production process and its components in a – as expected – circular product film. It was important to us to emphasise all the components of the cycle as an equal part of the whole. From the script to the finished animation, this fundamental aspect was always considered at every step. Because: from the raw materials to the on-site production, the versatile usability to the recyclable disposal, the sponge cloth sets an exclamation mark in terms of ecologically sustainable production and use.

True to our motto “specialist for specialities”, we like to think our way into our customers’ topics and find the appropriate form to convey topics in an exciting and interesting way, no matter how complex they are.

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