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New technologies and business models demand a significant willingness to change from companies and their employees. Internal communication is pivotal for information, attitude changes, motivation and a sense of responsibility. Our consultants, strategists and conceptual designers develop tailor-made communication solutions and implement them in cooperation with our clients – regionally, nationally and globally.

A highly competent partner at your side

For over 15 years, corporate groups and larger SMEs have benefitted from our specialised expertise: sound advice, well thought-out strategies and innovative media design.

What makes us special is our ability to provide the best of both worlds: analytical and strategic skills, combined with extensive media expertise – especially in the fields of film and storytelling. We can provide everything from a single source, from print media to digital, online or offline, animated or filmed, virtual or real. And wherever you need us, we’ll be there – regionally, nationally and globally.

Specialisation in internal communication has enabled us to build up the required range and depth of professional skills and technical expertise. This applies in particular to assisting and supporting processes of change, not least for digital transformation.

Our triad

So that we can support you from the analysis of your communication task and target group, to strategy development, right up to launching your successful media presence, we apply our tried and tested triad approach.

A watertight analysis of your target groups, messages, channels and project risks forms the basis for developing a sustainably successful communication strategy. Our view from the outside sharpens your view for what’s needed on the inside.

The communication strategy defines the direction every single communication measure in your project will take. It guarantees your target groups will be reached – with relevant topics, at the right time in thematically adequate channels.

With a well thought-out communication strategy as the basis, concrete, targeted and sustainable measures can be derived and precisely tailored media and content can be produced for your employee communication.

It takes more than mere facts to touch people’s emotions

Storytelling is the art of communicating information, topics, and sometimes even abstract content, in a way that makes them easy to understood and accept. In films, we have the necessary dramaturgical tools to do so. We know every topic has its own story that can be created and followed like a common thread. This is how we reach your target group, embedding your message memorably, and in visual language.

After all, it takes more than mere facts to touch people’s emotions. And that is the great challenge, especially when communicating change. For a story to be remembered, it has to trigger emotions.

Case Studies

Globalisation, new technologies and business models, as well as increasingly complex customer requirements, are some of the factors that demand an increasingly high willingness to change from companies and their employees. In the era of digital transformation, it is increasingly important for companies to be able to integrate new and necessary technologies quickly. This requires an adaptive corporate culture that not only welcomes change, but can establish it successfully. A decisive culture-determining factor is internal communication. Anyone wanting to meet the growing demands placed on internal communication today needs a target-oriented communication concept that is not only aligned with the interests and goals of the company, but is also culturally compatible at the same time.

A watertight analysis forms the foundation for a viable and successful communication strategy. Our view from the outside sharpens your view for what’s needed on the inside. On this basis, target-oriented measures can be derived and tailor-made media can be produced. As experts, we support and accompany you in taking your employees along new paths, informing and inspiring them.


Two companies with different cultures and organisational structures are merging. Restructuring to the point of a merger is fundamentally a communications challenge in all companies. In the initial phase especially, when employees have the greatest need for information, every message must be well thought out. This is especially true for listed companies, as they are not allowed to provide their employees “in advance” with any information that may be relevant to the share price.


This also requires tact and empathy. Our strategy here focuses on timely, open communication that also shows appreciation of the employees’ value and takes their feelings into account. All employees must be actively involved in the change process and the main reasons for the imminent changes must be made comprehensible.


During the entire change process, we offer our input and ideas in constant exchange with the client’s corporate communications and advertising agency. To implement the measures developed, there are several decentralised kick-off events, an interactive training tool, regularly edited, high-quality newsletters, as well as information and training films. The result: employees feel informed and are an active part of the process. Each measure, with its own potential, enriches communications in general, especially in the crucial long-term assistance and support process.


Instead of launching motivational measures right away, we look for the causes of their lack of enthusiasm. When changes are imminent in a company, they can very quickly lead to uncertainty and resistance among employees. Professional communication can prevent these problems, can inform employees and convince them. In such a case, we ask our client lots of questions, look at the situation on site and speak with all those involved, including the sales and warehouse staff, for instance.


We then develop a tailor-made communication concept and from that we derive appropriate instruments and procedures. A decisive core element of our catalogue of measures is communication with employees as equals. Communication which is individual and strategically balanced creates empathy, understanding and acceptance. This generates a strong “we-feeling” and succeeds in bringing the employees on board and – for us the ultimate achievement – motivating them in such a way that they take the proverbial helm.


To begin with, a motivating film announces the changes, visualises them and establishes an emotional connection to the “new trend”. Through authentic statements and emotionality, such a film can get the employees on board. It informs them, convinces them, puts things into perspective and invalidates the arguments of potential sceptics and “office gossips”. Change communication is supported by individual training seminars accompanied by media and continuous information about new developments and case studies. We develop the idea, the concept and the script and make the film in-house.


When providing communicative support in a process of change, our task is to offer professional assistance in the introduction of a new sales structure and the structural and cultural changes that go with it. For us, essentially, it’s all about communicating clear and unbiased information and messages to the entire company, generating the willingness to change and awakening the power of positive emotions.


To generate acceptance for the benefits and the necessity of the new system and to identify the main focus of the content for all hierarchical levels, we develop a viable communication strategy together with the client in workshops and discussions. We then successfully apply this strategy in the company through a complex plan of implementation measures, after consultation with the client.


Such an implementation plan may, for example, consist of a cinematic documentary, short trailers and an interactive training channel. The measures can then be consolidated in cross-media campaigns. Specific media, such as brochures, online newsletters and workshops, reach the defined target groups continuously. Special training prepares managers for their tasks and strengthens their communication skills. We provide everything from a single source, as this enables us to ensure the highest quality and the necessary stringency.

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