with a concept

Affecting people.
Motivating staff.
Building bridges.

For more than 20 years, our culture has been one of communicative bridge building between you and your target group. With powerful prose, contemporary design and emotional images, we set milestones in communication and for your success stories.

How we work

Thorough preparation and a deep understanding of your topics are indispensable to us for developing and implementing solutions that work best for you.

The emotions and thinking of the target group contain valuable information that we carefully take into account. Because without empathy, there can be no adaptation or understanding.

Challenges are best met by a strong partnership of equals. We offer a “view from the outside” as an advisory and enriching aspect. In doing so, we always take the “helicopter view”. This makes our solutions robust.

Successful communication solutions always follow their own path and leave new tracks. This requires a wealth of ideas, but also the courage to take a new direction.

Schedules, investment planning and investment control are constantly in the focus of our controlling process. This gives clients the overview and assurance they need throughout the entire project.

The principle of sustainability also shapes our values and our actions. As an agency, we also have the responsibility to operate sustainably and set up our processes and services accordingly.

Internal Communication

Because success begins with your staff

Media Production

Because messages have to hit the target group

Specialising in specialities

Our agency model thrives on a permanently manned base station, orbited by “satellites” in the form of a large network of experienced specialists, creative minds and visionaries. This structure ensures that on the one hand you have a trusted team at your side and on the other hand you benefit from a very wide range of expertise. With this agile agency concept, you can be sure to get what you really need.

The Price of Creativity

This is what others say about us…

Well-known large and medium-sized companies from industry and commerce rely on our expertise and maintain long-standing partnerships with us. At our core, we are conceptual designers, which allows us to approach your individual needs creatively and openly.


What’s the next step?

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Mirja Ng-Metzker

Client Relations Manager