Panta Rei – everything is in flow: We lift the anchor for hybrid work

Corona – and from one day to the next everything was different. However, after a short changeover period, we got to know and appreciate the advantages of a home office. The essential basis was the digitalisation that had already been carried out with the corresponding hardware and software solutions. Therefore, it was clear to us early on that we would shape our working world of the future with a hybrid solution.

We were able to feel that something positive was happening to us and to our “spirits”, which are invaluable for creative work. We have become acquainted with a quality of life and work that we no longer want to do without, because it suits our job, because it makes us more effective and freer.

On the other hand, we experienced how much we missed the personal exchange, i.e. face-to-face. Our joint lunches at the big agency dining table, for example, were an integral part of everyday agency life before the pandemic. Although we created the cyber lunch, the digital channel does not replace face-to-face exchange.

After an employee survey, it was clear that we were aiming for hybrid working solutions and that new demands were being placed on the workplace and working environment.

So we looked around for a suitable solution and found our new home port in THE PIER in Mainz, not far from the Rhine. Office space, retreats, coworking spaces, meeting and workshop rooms, auditorium and cafeteria offer exactly the variety and scalability we envision for the different working requirements of our agency.

The docking will take place on 01 September 2021. We are very excited and full of anticipation.

What’s the next step?

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Mirja Ng-Metzker

Client Relations Manager