Change processes: From the threat to an energising perspective

Change costs energy - no question about it. Energy which, however, is regained in the form of motivation, satisfaction, commitment, drive, reorientation, etc. when change is successful.

Changes are now so tightly timed, so complex and so multi-layered that internal communication is increasingly challenged. This is a situation that we have repeatedly encountered at the beginning of the conception and implementation of change management and for which we want to provide a remedy.

The joint concept of stability and change

How can change be implemented in a more targeted way, how can we deal more efficiently with the energy, i.e. the effort required to implement change? What if the “acceleration energy” that actively initiates change was not required each time?

In a pilot project, we have developed a concept that, metaphorically speaking, superimposes the phases of change and stability. Our conceptual approach is not to see stability and change as opposites, but as correlative, i.e. closely interrelated. Both are of value. Stability provides security and orientation as a signpost. Change overcomes challenges and ensures progress and growth. Both are of value to companies. And both must always be thought of and lived together. This ensures its strength and resilience. Guard rails are just as necessary as initiative and a willingness to change.


Transferred into practice

In relation to people, to employees, it is referred to as resilience, a strong and resilient mindset that is based on acceptance, optimism, self-efficacy, responsibility, network-, solution- and future-orientation.

This correlative view offers every manager, and therefore every employee, an understandable and applicable “instruction manual” for dealing with stability and change. Once this understanding is in place, employees take on the next change with a completely different attitude.

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