“Concept before Content” – A lot of content on many channels, but is everything necessary that is possible?

"How about a corporate podcast? And a VLog to go with it? We could combine the whole thing with a teaser article in the next newsletter and put it up as a Throwback-Thursday!" The possibilities for internal communication are constantly growing. It all sounds good at first. Who wouldn't want to provide more interesting information from the other departments, more proximity to their own employer or opportunities for exchange with colleagues and managers? And on all kinds of devices and channels.

But how exactly? And where exactly? The colourful palette of possibilities for content creation seems immeasurable. If you have a choice, you are spoilt for choice. Newsletters, videos, intranet and apps, podcasts, bar camps … But it is always worthwhile to take the view of the employees and how they handle the information. Internal surveys could be a good guide here. Because between you and me, as an employee it is very exhausting to follow everything on all channels, isn’t it?

Where do you start?

Instead of asking what you could do, you should first ask what you should do.

In concrete terms, this means: we limit ourselves to the right things in advance!

Simple example: Sure, the podcast gives many exciting insights from other departments. But does everyone have access to it? If so, then hip, hip, hooray! … But what about, for example, the industrial companies and the so-called blue collars – the employees who don’t work with MS Office and the like? At the machine, in the break room or in the cafeteria, most of them will hardly reach for the podcast during a breather.

So we come back to the original question: How can we reach everyone?

With the help of our proven triad, we accompany you from the analysis of the communication task and target group, through strategy development to the successful communication concept.

The concept wins – always!

With this in mind, get down to the basics and start from the very beginning.

In essence, these three goals are the basis for a solid and stringent communication concept.

  1. Clarity and consistency: A concept helps to ensure that all communication content is consistent and conveys clear messages. This avoids misunderstandings and confusion within the workforce.
  2. Staff retention and motivation: Good internal communication with an appropriate amount of relevant content on diverse, coordinated channels helps employees identify more strongly with the company and feel valued. Well-informed employees are also more motivated and committed to their work.
  3. Efficient information transfer: A concept ensures that important information reaches employees in a timely and targeted manner. At the same time, a concept ensures a functioning interaction of precisely selected measures. The measures, each with its own strength, combine to form an effective orchestra. The one-pager offers important information at a glance, the film serves as an emotional prelude, the summit for the preparation of the managers …..

All measures in their entirety reflect all aspects of the communication concept and always convey the same core messages.

Snackable snippets in particularly fast-moving times

A little content tip up front. “Snackable snippets”, a term from content marketing that refers to short, easily “digestible” and appealing morsels of information, are content designed to be quickly consumed and understood. This type of content includes reels, memes, tweets and quotes. Similar to a small snack that you quickly enjoy in between.

Snackable snippets are very effective, especially in a time when more and more information (has to) be consumed at an ever-increasing speed. Very popular in the social networks, snackable content offers the possibility of a quick and effortless distribution of information, especially in terms of information and motivation of employees.

Exploiting the potential properly

These snackable snippets are a small but fine thing. But here, too, the question arises: is it necessary just because it is possible? A well-founded concept forms the basis for all internal communication content, especially when it comes to unerringly filtering out the right things from the constantly growing range of measures such as numerous apps, intranets, blogs and, and, and separating the necessary from the possible. This is also more effective in communication, more efficient and saves resources.

You can also ask our experts for advice without obligation. – But be careful! In the end, the employees will be happy and want more of the content 😉



What’s the next step?

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Mirja Ng-Metzker

Client Relations Manager