Do it yourself – anyone can make a video, right?

Moving images have become indispensable in corporate communication, both externally and internally. Film is one of the most emotional media. It can condense content extremely and inspire and motivate people in a very short time. Since we humans base up to 70 percent of our perception on visual impressions, our sense of sight is the most pronounced. For communication, this means: the attention of the target group is gained in seconds with moving images and the experience is remembered longer.

What do the others say?

The findings of Wyzowl’s Video Marketing Statistics support this. As part of a survey, online customers were asked about their buying behaviour, among other things:

  • 96 percent of respondents have watched an explainer video to learn more about a product or service.
  • 91 percent of respondents would like to see more online videos from brands in 2023.
  • 89 per cent say watching a video convinced them to buy a product or service.

In addition, 70% of existing “non-video marketers” said they plan to use moving images in 2023.

So the numbers speak for themselves. But do you still need an external production company these days? After all, we all have our mobile phones with us all the time, equipped with a good camera and microphone? Isn’t there a competition every year with the best commercials shot only with an iPhone? And aren’t there numerous apps and platforms where you can edit and add sound to your recordings yourself?

So why book an external production company?

That’s all true and sometimes justified. But let’s put it another way: presumably everyone has renovated their home at some point? Then you know that you can do a certain part of the work well and cheaply(er) yourself, provided – and this is where it starts to get complex – you have taken a course or had a lot of practice and can, for example, turn a generous blind eye to the one or other too-wide joint in the bathroom. The next step is to have the right tools of the trade that are up to the challenge and don’t give up halfway through for lack of quality. In the end, hiring professionals would have been faster, more accurate and worth the price.

“Only the stupid person has to make all experiences himself.” (Lao Tzu)

Exactly the same applies to film production. Because a good film is more than just putting film sequences together. In a good film, text, music, images and graphics are coordinated in such a way that they do not duplicate but complement each other. If I see an excavator in the picture, I don’t have to say the same thing on the soundtrack, but can name attributes that make the film sequence even more impressive. So it takes experience to plan, produce and design a film in such a way that its potential as a medium is fully exploited.

As consultants and conceptual designers, we develop the right concept and script, precisely tailored to your target group and the respective communication goal. This requires a wealth of ideas, knowledge of cinematic dramaturgy, but also courage to literally upset viewing habits and inspire the audience.

Keyword “Workload” – Together through thick and thin

Last but not least: we all have busy schedules and according to the Wyzowl study, this is exactly the decisive hurdle for internal video projects. With a share of 30%, lack of time is given as the decisive criterion why the medium of film is not even considered, closely followed by “I don’t know where to start” with 18%.

So it’s a quandary: On the one hand, you would like to use the powerful medium of film, which would be perfect for the next kick-off meeting. On the other hand, you throw your hands up in horror because you don’t know where to start and the complexity of the task knocks you cold.

So it’s time to bring in the professionals. Those who are masters of the medium of film – from concept, to script, to pre-screening, to shooting and post-production! They are the planners, doers and creatives.

When we dig deep into the film topic and “translate” the content and themes into a script, we very often hear: “Wow, I’ve never seen us like this before! That makes me really proud!” Such reactions show that a view from the outside can open up new aspects and new perspectives for communication, which in turn leave a great, positive impression.

In addition to our expertise as “film-makers”, we want to relieve our customers – as an integrated contact partner for all steps of the production. We analyse requirements, write concepts and scripts, organise and realise the shoot as well as the entire post-production including language recording and/or subtitles and foreign language versions. And as much as we love boundless freedom in the creative process – when it comes to implementing film projects, we rely on the utmost precision: transparent quotations, detailed shooting schedules, controlling and deadline coordination. This provides the desired security.


Sure, you can do a lot of things yourself. But you are welcome to get support. Ultimately, it’s a decision of the quality demand and the tolerance in the result. Certain projects demand the highest quality, efficiency and zero tolerance when it comes to the result. This is exactly when it is important to have a reliable, professional partner at your side who enriches with his creativity, relieves with his experience and convinces with his result.

Our film experts are happy to help. And when the next kick-off meeting comes up for which a film is needed, the motto is: “Don’t panic – I’ll let the professionals do it.

What’s the next step?

For a personal consultation, feel free to contact me at any time.

Mirja Ng-Metzker

Client Relations Manager